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Get remote access to each other’s phone. Avoid guessing games and protect your loved one from any harm.


Share your location and always know where your other half is.
Calls and Contacts
Get access to each other's Phone Book and Сall Logs.
SMS and Facebook
Read each other's text messages and Facebook chats.


Mcouple mobile tracker It a great idea some we locate our license where he / she pound to each other were they are...
Jessie Javier Gadian
Keep em honest Had a few bumps but its fixed now. Great app for keeping both honest. Great app .. not for sneaking
Heather Daigle
Help with stolen phone My phone was stolen and the gps on this application using my wife's phone was able to lead me and the police department to the door of the defendant who stole my phone. I would recommend this application to anyone
Timothy Jenkins

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